COMEDIAN PATRICK CANDELARIA - Biography - "Pound for pound, one of the funniest men out there!", George Lopez, 2001 - "A very funny Mexican", Tommy Chong, 1995


Patrick Candelaria’s 17-year successful ride through his comedy career has been filled with laughter all the way.   He has traveled over half a million miles around the world creating an adventure that includes a dozen overseas comedy tours for the United States military, over a hundred college, corporate and benefit performances, and countless comedy club appearances.

Audiences literally hold their sides and wipe away tears of laughter when Patrick gets on a roll.  His story-telling style mixed liberally with quick one-liners includes topics everyone can relate to.  George Lopez said Patrick is “Pound for pound, one of the funniest comics out there,”  and Tommy Chong called Patrick, “A very funny Mexican”.  When you see his act, you’ll see why.

Patrick’s act relates to all audiences.  His start in showbiz was as a juggler and magician at an amusement park in his home town of El Paso, TX.  His comedy club act has brought him to The Strip in Las Vegas where he makes an annual appearance at The Riviera Comedy Club among other clubs all over the country.  His college routine has had students in New York, Florida, Texas and other states cheering at his observations and wit.  Candelaria makes most of his appearances for corporations and companies who want to add something special and original to their meetings or events.  Colleagues are amazed at how he can get non-stop laughs from an audience without ever going past a PG rating.

Patrick is most proud of his twelve overseas tours in the past ten years that have put him in front of thousands of Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, and Airmen of the United States Military.  He has entertained Officer’s Clubs in Korea and Japan,  inside a C-130 hangar in Germany,  and did a show inside a bunker in Iraq.  He helped ring in a New Year in Sarajevo at a NATO base, spent Christmas in Kosovo and Fourth of July in Tikrit.

Patrick Has released Two full-length comedy CDs,  “World’s Largest Ceiling Fan” and “Operation: Big Slow Target” available online or following one of his shows. 

Patrick’s humor alone is hilariously over-the-top but for many events he can include a juggling and magic aspect of his routine that incorporates volunteers from the audience and keeps the laughs rolling.

Patrick Candelaria has his home in El Paso, Texas but lives conveniently close to the airport.